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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a land survey?
You are looking for any the following:
1) actual on-the-ground property boundaries.
2) if the claimed property improvments (house, barn, garage, fence, pond, etc.) are on the property.
3) if there are any easements, rights of way or use of the property by others (encrochements).
4) if the description on record is sufficient to delineate the bounds of the property.

What will a land surveyor do?
Our New York State certified Land Surveyor will research through a number of sources, such as the County Clerk's offices, state and local highway departments, and other agencies where necessary to gather information on the property.
He will also study all documents which you supply. The field survey will be conducted as a means to solidify property boundaries based on ground evidence, such as monuments, or land features. Finally, a report, possibly as a survey map, will be produced. See the bellow example map for an idea of what it might look like.

Can you give me a cost estimate for a survey?
That depends.
There are many factors to take into account in a survey.
Sometimes records of a property go back decades, if not centuries. The time to research its history can vary greatly.
The size of the property will be a big factor as well as the number of features.
If we already surveyed this property or any surrounding properties will also have an impact on the cost.
All of these factors will influence the final cost of a survey.

Important information for you to have on hand to expedite the cost estimate process:
-owner's information
-previous survey maps, if available
-any documentation you might be able to provide

What about the seller's map?
First, ask yourself:
How reliable is that map?
Was it based on a survey?
Anything not based on a survey is unreliable.
If it was, how old is it?
Are there new easements that aren't shown?

Those and many other questions would be answered with a new survey, since much may have changed.

Second, and most importantly:
A survey map done for a previous owner was done for a specific purpose and is not transferable to subsequent purchasers.
The old map may help your land surveyor, but only a licensed land surveyor can bring it to date and certify it to you. By state law, a survey map can not be brought to date or certified except by a licensed land surveyor.
Your interests can only be protected with a new survey.